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Speaking of Hanoi,  no one in Vietnam does not know about the 36 old streets of Hanoi which is busy and crowded every time fx: Hang Bai, Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Ma …

Each street is a place to keep the long historical memories of the capital, As well as preserving memories of the lives of people who have lived, worked and built the country in This old quarter. Over the years, the old town of Hanoi has not been as intact as before, but this is still one of the most tourist attraction of foreigner when they come to the capital of Vietnam to visit the remains of an old Hanoi.

hanoi old quarter in the past - hanoi free tours by foot

Hanoi old quarter in the past.

This is the usual name of an urban area which has been created by many generations of local people here, dating from the Ly dynasty of Vietnam, located in the east of the Thang Long royal citadel, to the Red River. Book a free walking tour in Hanoi here you can easily enjoy the old quarter.

This urban area concentrates on small-scale commercial activities and industrial, forming the characteristic streets. Craftsmen came from many villages around the capital then they gathered and lived here, focusing on each area of their profession. The merchant ships can exchange through each street, making this old quarter at that time trading business grows very much. The main products of each street have become the names of the street with the word “Hang” at the top.

hanoi old quarter - hanoi free tours by foot

The old quarter now.

nowadays, we can see the streets still retaining traditional products as it from the beginning, such as Hang Thiec, selling household goods With tin, iron….Hang Ma, a shop selling gold and Hang Bang, silver items for worshiping or using, However, over time, some careers have disappeared, there are also new industries but know related with the name of the street.  such as Hang Quat had previously traded herds and fans, now trading in embroiderings, small altars, parallel sentences, or Hang Buom which sold products such as sails, bags Now is the place to gather candy stores, various melon seeds

Many other streets are also worth for visiting when you come to the Hanoi Old Quarter, such as Hang Bac which has many skilled craftsmen producing fine handicrafts; Hang Gai with bookshop shops, bookshops, book printing … There are many streets in the old quarter mainly open restaurants, hotels, shops to serve tourists here.

Hope you have nice time in Hanoi old quarter


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